Monday, July 19, 2010

Methods for Diagnosing Back Pain : Kirnjot Singh

Do you have back pain? You need to go for a complete health check up from an experienced and trained ortho physician. When you go to an ortho physician for a medical check up, Dr. Kirnjot Singh says that health care professional will first examine your health history, and your previous health record. No ortho physician will give you on the dot answers and begin treating your spine condition.

Dr. Kirnjot Singh says that diagnosing your spine condition takes time, and it might take around two weeks before the actual treatment of your spinal cord begins. Dr. Kirnjot Singh examines various associated factors related to spine condition, which includes, fever, back pain, fatigue, weight loss, stiffness in the back, stiffness in neck and many more.

Dr. Kirnjot Singh also says that an ortho physician as the part of back pain diagnosis clearly sees the history of past and present infections that might have occurred. The physician will also take into account disease conditions such as cancer, tumor, tuberculosis and many more. Dr. Kirnjot Singh says that on time back pain diagnosis can only result into minimizing the pain, and all the more, you’d get effective back pain treatment.


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