Monday, July 19, 2010

Methods for Diagnosing Back Pain : Kirnjot Singh

Do you have back pain? You need to go for a complete health check up from an experienced and trained ortho physician. When you go to an ortho physician for a medical check up, Dr. Kirnjot Singh says that health care professional will first examine your health history, and your previous health record. No ortho physician will give you on the dot answers and begin treating your spine condition.

Dr. Kirnjot Singh says that diagnosing your spine condition takes time, and it might take around two weeks before the actual treatment of your spinal cord begins. Dr. Kirnjot Singh examines various associated factors related to spine condition, which includes, fever, back pain, fatigue, weight loss, stiffness in the back, stiffness in neck and many more.

Dr. Kirnjot Singh also says that an ortho physician as the part of back pain diagnosis clearly sees the history of past and present infections that might have occurred. The physician will also take into account disease conditions such as cancer, tumor, tuberculosis and many more. Dr. Kirnjot Singh says that on time back pain diagnosis can only result into minimizing the pain, and all the more, you’d get effective back pain treatment.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Risks Involved in Spine Surgery : Dr. Kirnjot Singh

Dr. Kirnjot Singh opines that every surgery small or big, always have the risks associated with them, and keeping in mind those risks, it becomes very important to discuss the situation with ortho physicians in as much detail as possible. Spinal surgery done around the spine area can be risky, and there are chances where you develop complications that turn out to be problematic.

In every type of spine surgery there are pretty chances of development of General Complications, Anesthesia Complications, Bleeding, Blood Clots, Dural Tear, Nerve Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Sexual Dysfunction , Implant & Fusion Complications, Delayed Union or Nonunion, Hardware Fracture, Implant Migration and many more. Dr. Kirnjot Singh suggests that before taking any stand on spinal surgery, a patient should at first get the best ortho physician or ortho surgeon, and second, the patient should discuss his spine condition with an experienced ortho physician or ortho surgeon.

Once, the patient has taken the decision to go for spinal surgery, all preliminary and diagnostic test should be planned and conducted in order to minimize the risks. Dr. Kirnjot Singh suggests that spinal surgery if done under the supervision of an experienced ortho surgeon to reduce the risks.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Benefits of Non-Surgical Spine Treatment : Dr. Kirnjot Singh

Dr. Kirnjot Singh strongly suggests the patients suffering from spinal problems to go for non-surgical methods of treatment. Dr. Kirnjot Singh finds that non-surgical methods of treatment are effective and most often painless; and economical too.

Dr. Kirnjot Singh lists some of the benefits of Non-Surgical Spine Treatment. These are:
  • Dr. Kirnjot Singh suggests that Non-Surgical Spine Treatment is painless treatment, and you don’t need to go for the post operative care. The medications given to the back pain patients intend to work in two ways. The medication is meant to relieve the back pain, besides, curing the back pain treatment.
  • Dr. Kirnjot Singh says that second natural benefit of non-surgical spine treatment is that natural methods of treatment are practiced by the chiropractor. These natural methods of treatment are safe and without any side effects.
  • Non surgical spine treatment methods are effective and give you long term relieving from the gruesome spine pain. Surgical methods are not necessarily considered as the long term solution for spine or back pains.
  • Dr. Kirnjot Singh recommends Non surgical spine treatment methods because they can be performed by the patient after taking the advice from ortho or spine physician.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Non-operative Treatment for Low Back Pain: Dr. Kirnjot Singh

Low back pain is intense and it can suck your energies. Therefore, immediate attention is needed to treat low back pain. There are operative and non-operative procedures available in medical science to cure low back pain. However, it largely depends on the medical case history of the patient as to which is the right option to go with. Preferably, the non-operative low back pain treatment is the best method to relieve the patients from the back pain. There are many reasons and conditions that lead to low back pain. Some of the prominent ones include, Piriformis syndrome, spinal cord infection, degenerative disc, mal positioning of the spine vertebrae, problems in the ligaments and the tendons etc.

Non surgical treatment methods for low back pain are known as 'conservative treatments,' and which primarily comprises electrical nerve stimulation, epidural steroid injection, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, tissue mobilization, therapeutic spinal traction and many more.

Here’s the list of non-surgical treatment methods for low back pain:
  • Intense Aerobic Exercises for Half-an Hour Daily.
  • Measures, which are Non Surgical.
  • Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs – (NSAID)
  • Physiotherapy Techniques
There are many wrong intentions about the low back pain, and the most common among them is that low back pain cannot be treated without surgery.

Monday, May 17, 2010

5-Ways to Keep Away Cervical Pain : Dr. Kirnjot Singh

Are you feeling the cervical pain? You have tried different methods and techniques, but at the end you didn’t found any way to get relieved of the pain. Cervical pain is quite common in the modern lifestyle practiced in the cosmopolitan and metropolitan towns and cities. Careful judgment of the patient’s condition is necessary.

Listed below are few steps to get away from the cervical pain:

  • Keep your neck straight, against the support or any back rest. A rigid back support helps you to keep your neck in the position, besides, helping it to remain flexible and going.

  • Do Light Push- up Exercises that will also otherwise help to increase the muscle tone of the neck muscles. Make it a habit that you follow strict exercise regimen rather than going for regular changes.

  • Do not go for the hard floor and heavy exercises. These will give jerk to the upper body as well as neck.

  • Do light neck rotation exercises. This will give your neck complete flexibility, and moreover, you’d also be minimizing on the brain.

  • Yoga and Palliate exercises also help in adding flexibility to your neck and cervical area.

  • Get going with these essential points and free yourself from the neck pain.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back Pain Treatment - Tips and Advice

Are you grappling with lower back pain, or middle back pain? Well, it is absolutely not a problem. With innovations in back pain treatment, new methodologies have come to play. In addition, there are many home based neck treatments available too, which will otherwise help you in relieving your back pain. These home based treatments are effective and give you long term solutions. The home based neck treatment measures are also free from any potential side effects. Here are few tips and advices to follow while you go for home based back pain treatments:
  • Keep in mind that back pain treatment measures are carried out under a professional eye. If it is not possible for you to hire a professional for everyday purpose, you can always take advices over the telephone or fix an appointment with him.
  • Carry out hot and cold massage on your back s per the physician’s guidance and suggestions.
  • Do not try to over exert while you do the back exercises. Maintain a rhythm in your routine exercise schedule. Do not follow any haphazard routine that creates problem in performing daily chores.
Keep these tips and advices in your mind and treat your back pain well.

Friday, May 7, 2010

What Should You Know About Neck Surgery : Dr. Kirnjot Singh

Neck surgery is the means of neck pain treatment. However, there are also many other ways of treating the neck pain, and therefore, ultimately, the choice of treatment eventually decided with the mutual consent of orthopedics surgeon and the patient. Under the normal set of conditions, neck pain treatment can be easily done with the help of non invasive methods. And moreover, neck pain is easily curable by simply treating yourself with hot or cold pad or recurrent visits to the chiropractor.

However, in case your neck pain is severe, neck surgery is the only resort. Here are few points that you should know about neck surgery:

  • Neck pain treatment surgery should be carried out by a trained and experienced orthopedics surgeon or a neurosurgeon for that matter. He/ she should have enough experience to handle complicated cases of neck pain treatment.

  • Before going for neck surgery, it is important to make sure that whether you need the surgery or not! There are many chronic neck pain conditions that do not actually require neck surgery. Therefore, be watchful!

  • Look for the post operative measures and talk about them with orthopedics or a neurosurgeon.