Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Non-operative Treatment for Low Back Pain: Dr. Kirnjot Singh

Low back pain is intense and it can suck your energies. Therefore, immediate attention is needed to treat low back pain. There are operative and non-operative procedures available in medical science to cure low back pain. However, it largely depends on the medical case history of the patient as to which is the right option to go with. Preferably, the non-operative low back pain treatment is the best method to relieve the patients from the back pain. There are many reasons and conditions that lead to low back pain. Some of the prominent ones include, Piriformis syndrome, spinal cord infection, degenerative disc, mal positioning of the spine vertebrae, problems in the ligaments and the tendons etc.

Non surgical treatment methods for low back pain are known as 'conservative treatments,' and which primarily comprises electrical nerve stimulation, epidural steroid injection, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, tissue mobilization, therapeutic spinal traction and many more.

Here’s the list of non-surgical treatment methods for low back pain:
  • Intense Aerobic Exercises for Half-an Hour Daily.
  • Measures, which are Non Surgical.
  • Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs – (NSAID)
  • Physiotherapy Techniques
There are many wrong intentions about the low back pain, and the most common among them is that low back pain cannot be treated without surgery.

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