Friday, May 7, 2010

What Should You Know About Neck Surgery : Dr. Kirnjot Singh

Neck surgery is the means of neck pain treatment. However, there are also many other ways of treating the neck pain, and therefore, ultimately, the choice of treatment eventually decided with the mutual consent of orthopedics surgeon and the patient. Under the normal set of conditions, neck pain treatment can be easily done with the help of non invasive methods. And moreover, neck pain is easily curable by simply treating yourself with hot or cold pad or recurrent visits to the chiropractor.

However, in case your neck pain is severe, neck surgery is the only resort. Here are few points that you should know about neck surgery:

  • Neck pain treatment surgery should be carried out by a trained and experienced orthopedics surgeon or a neurosurgeon for that matter. He/ she should have enough experience to handle complicated cases of neck pain treatment.

  • Before going for neck surgery, it is important to make sure that whether you need the surgery or not! There are many chronic neck pain conditions that do not actually require neck surgery. Therefore, be watchful!

  • Look for the post operative measures and talk about them with orthopedics or a neurosurgeon.

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