Monday, May 17, 2010

5-Ways to Keep Away Cervical Pain : Dr. Kirnjot Singh

Are you feeling the cervical pain? You have tried different methods and techniques, but at the end you didn’t found any way to get relieved of the pain. Cervical pain is quite common in the modern lifestyle practiced in the cosmopolitan and metropolitan towns and cities. Careful judgment of the patient’s condition is necessary.

Listed below are few steps to get away from the cervical pain:

  • Keep your neck straight, against the support or any back rest. A rigid back support helps you to keep your neck in the position, besides, helping it to remain flexible and going.

  • Do Light Push- up Exercises that will also otherwise help to increase the muscle tone of the neck muscles. Make it a habit that you follow strict exercise regimen rather than going for regular changes.

  • Do not go for the hard floor and heavy exercises. These will give jerk to the upper body as well as neck.

  • Do light neck rotation exercises. This will give your neck complete flexibility, and moreover, you’d also be minimizing on the brain.

  • Yoga and Palliate exercises also help in adding flexibility to your neck and cervical area.

  • Get going with these essential points and free yourself from the neck pain.

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