Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Risks Involved in Spine Surgery : Dr. Kirnjot Singh

Dr. Kirnjot Singh opines that every surgery small or big, always have the risks associated with them, and keeping in mind those risks, it becomes very important to discuss the situation with ortho physicians in as much detail as possible. Spinal surgery done around the spine area can be risky, and there are chances where you develop complications that turn out to be problematic.

In every type of spine surgery there are pretty chances of development of General Complications, Anesthesia Complications, Bleeding, Blood Clots, Dural Tear, Nerve Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Sexual Dysfunction , Implant & Fusion Complications, Delayed Union or Nonunion, Hardware Fracture, Implant Migration and many more. Dr. Kirnjot Singh suggests that before taking any stand on spinal surgery, a patient should at first get the best ortho physician or ortho surgeon, and second, the patient should discuss his spine condition with an experienced ortho physician or ortho surgeon.

Once, the patient has taken the decision to go for spinal surgery, all preliminary and diagnostic test should be planned and conducted in order to minimize the risks. Dr. Kirnjot Singh suggests that spinal surgery if done under the supervision of an experienced ortho surgeon to reduce the risks.


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